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Kirin Salty Litchi


Yogurt and Lemon flavored drink


Wintermelon Tea

Kirin TeaBreak


kirin latte

Kirin Latte

Kirin Japanese green tea

Japanese green tea

kirin ice +

Ice + 

“trà bí đao wonderfarm - cho một việt nam thanh mát”

WONDERFARM products are beverages made from natural healthy farming ingredients. WONDERFARM products use semi-processed natural ingredients and manufactured by automatic chain at factory. Therefore, nutrition and natural fresh taste are well-preserved for daily drink. Outstanding product in WONDERFARM brand is familiar taste from refreshing Wintermelon Tea

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“Kirin Salty Litchi - a subtle combination of juicy litchi and a pinch of salt”

Kirin Salty Litchi - a subtle combination of juicy litchi and a pinch of salt, gives you a new unique drink, only one in the Vietnamese market.

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“KIRIN IMUSE - Yogurt and Lemon flavored drink”

KIRIN iMUSE - Yogurt and Lemon flavored drink, contain Lactococcus Lactis Plasma from Japan help to enhance the anti-viral immune system, activate potential inside me.

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“TeaBreak - Best-selling product in Japan now coming to Vietnam”

Gogo no Kocha – No.1 Best selling tea product in Japan is now available in Vietnam with new name: Tea Break. This product is extracted from authentic lack tea leaves with mix of classic style and modern trend. The product has the light stringent taste of tea, sweet and strong flavor which will make your day more excited

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"Latte" grows into the brand more loved by consumers.
Renewal with large capacity +95ml and same quality and price and bring the refreshing experience with your friends.
Packaging: Bring refreshment with showing liquid color and large capacity, also bring the satisfaction with splash milk.
Content: Keep the satisfaction of "Gentle milky sweetness and blended with best balanced with Tea and fruits" and good quality produced by Japanese technology.
Enjoy experience both refreshing and satisfaction.

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“New green tea flavour for Vietnamese”

Daily life with pressure from work, family tasks to be completed. Japanese green tea with 100% brewed and extracted japanese green tea leaves to gently relax your mind. Fresh green tea leaves from Shizouka province in Japan are harvested, processed and exported to Vietnam. • The product uses pure water • The product is extracted at precise temperature requiring professianal technology • Only extract the first tea-infused water

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“Kirin Ice+ - Real fruits juice. so cool - so fresh”

Ice+ is pure water with icy fruit frozen at -18°C As fruit juice is frozen at -18°C, Ice+ ensures natural nutrition from fresh fruit and brings refeshing taste. Provided with essential vitamin for your shining bright. No use preservatives No artificial coloring

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