Interfood proudly sponsor the contest “City Students with Law” in 2017

Creating value to share with the society is the most important philosophy of Kirin Group. As a member of the Group, Interfood Shareholding Company has always awared and spent efforts in sharing responsibilities with community to be a better corporate citizen. One of the outstanding activities in 2017 was the sponsorship program for the contest “City Students with Law” for the students of HCMC with key theme “Live Healthy Today – Contribute Tomorrow”. The program was organized by HCMC Department of Education and Training with participation of students of 24 districts of the city, from 11/9 until 20/10/2017.

With the participation of over 100.000 students, the contest happened excitingly throughout competition rounds of knowledge test, team games and visit to Kirin factory to experience the modern Aseptic production line. After the contest, the students were able to obtain new knowledge about law, health and well-being, field trip to Kirin Factory, but also very joyful with the moments of presenting talent shows and play with each other.

The program could help to show the efforts of the Company following the philosophy “focused on  people, nature and craftsmanship to redefine the joy of food and well-being – including all status from mental to physical health which benefit not only individuals but also to family, friends, communities and future generations.”

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