Message from General Director

Our two brands are WONDERFARM, long-time loved in Vietnam, and KIRIN, widely known in Japan and other Asian countries. And under the two brands, we have been developing various products such as Winter Melon Tea and ICE+.
Through these products, our mission is to build a new drink culture for healthy Vietnam. Companies that only pursue their own profit are questioned about their meaning of existence, and it is difficult to grow sustainably. We aim to make a positive impact on society through our business.
Vietnam's society and markets continue to change and develop at this very moment. In order to meet the changing needs of consumers, we need to understand them deeply and provide products and services that can move people mind. We will focus on marketing and sales with consumer centricity policy and develop our brands collaborating across departments.
It is people who operate the business. We position the relationship between the company and employees as "Equal partners through work”. Rather than one-way, top-down communication, we prefer interactive discussions. We are committed to hiring and developing diverse human resources and fostering an organizational culture in which employees can play an active role.

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