Products are the visible value to connect the business with the consumers.
Therefore, We commit “to create the new culture of beverage for Vietnamese” on the international standards, with high nutritional values, through the advanced technologies, and from the safe and prestigious sources of materials. Thus, our products shall satisfy Vietnamese customers.

Manufacturing Process

Environmental value

With Aseptic technology, our beverages are produced in the modern and environmental friendly manner of a Japanese business. USAB drainage system and aerobic treatments allow our factories to skip the Industrial Park’s drainage station and discharge the drainage directly into the rivers.

The strengths of Aseptic technology:

  • Nutrients are reserved in our sterile products.
  • Cost-saving packing is applied.
  • Product bottls are made and designed in our factory.
  • The hygiene and origin of PET bottle.

Targeted for “International standards done in Vietnamese style”, KIRIN Vietnam’s products are well attended from the selection of ingredients to the final the outputs. Ingredients are picked from reliable sources in local and foreign areas, under the international standards and strict control.

Main ingredients:
Pure water, peach juice, lemon juice, citrus juice, milk, green tea, skimmed milk, soursop juice, strawberry juice

Fully sterilized by the Aseptic technology, our products retain their quality during the usage time. Thus, no preservative or artificial colorings are required.


Vietnam Kirin Beverage Company, Limited.

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