Announcement For The Result Of “Dance With Winter Melon, Shine Like A Star”

“Dance with Winter Melon, shine like a star” is an exciting contest held by Interfood Share Holdings Company (INTERFOOD)on the occasion of the 20th years anniversary of the first launching Winter Melon and introducing new product: WONDERFARM Winter Melon LITE _less sugar. This contest was closed with unexpected results and with the extremely attractive prizes.

After nearly 2 months, “Dance with Winter Melon, Shine like a star” held in supermarkets and departments in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city has brought many joyful and laughter to young people and families participating in the competition. With over 4 thousand participants, it is difficult to say that “Winter melon dance” is not a new trend in this summer. Many creative clips were sent to participate into the contest which expressed the loving of customer for the contest.

To close the contest, INTERFOOD held an awards ceremony on last July 30th to announce 3 persons who got highest votes will get a chance to be in the Winter Melon TVC and 3 persons who won in lucky draw will get a chance to go to Japan.

It is so happy to join “Dance with Winter Melon, shine like a star” to get a chance to be in the Winter Melon TVC and a chance to travel in Japan! Now let’s some unforgettable images of prize award ceremony!



Wow, it’s so exciting, “who will be the winner to travel to Japan?”


Funny “Winter Melon” icons are waiting for awarding to 6 winners of the contest.


Here is 3 winners will be shined in WONDERFARM TVC. Let’s wait for their performance on the TVC!


General director of INTERFOOD awarded Japan prize to 3 lucky winners. It’s so wonderful prize!


Here is bright smile of winners when they performed unique “Winter Melon dance” at the end of ceremony.

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