Annual trip in 2019

IFS – is not only the place you come for work but also the collective spirit of the team.

“Passion – Integrity – Achieving Together” is the motto of the IFS Big Family. Although everyone comes from many different regions, we certainly have the same spirit to achieve general goals.

In addition to the time to focus on working, IFS always creates activities for all members to relax together. In particular, the annual trip is the biggest activity of the IFS Family, when all members from all over the country participate in an activity together.

The buses start to depart from 5:30 am from Ho Chi Minh City to the western part of Vietnam - the place where Dragon - Qilin – Turtle - Fenghuang converge. Here, the IFS Family visits places like Thoi Son islet, views the village road through the ancient view of the countryside, enjoys Don Ca Tai Tu - the intangible cultural heritage of the world and tastes 5 kinds of fruit, go to Cai Rang Floating Market, Walking Bridge, Ninh Kieu wharf,…

In the evening, the Gala dinner is a time for everyone to sit, eat, and chat. It is also a time for everyone to participate in collective games to train solidarity, the ability of teamwork, to associate people with cute gifts for the winners. Besides is the lucky draw program with a total value of up to 40,000,000 VND.

The next day, everyone was eager to participate in the exciting games of Team building program to help members of the company closer together. All members build and develop teamwork spirit, develop support, interact with each other in the team, and bond emotionally.

Right now, it will no longer be the effort of a single individual, but a mutual understanding, one for everyone and all for one to bring the team award.

The 2-day-1-night trip ended with sweat, with bright smiles or frowning because of the sunlight, but the IFS Big Family had lots of beautiful memories. It is also the foundation for everyone to work smoothly and together to achieve good results in the upcoming work.

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