INTERFOOD Share Holding Company Honored To Receive Certification From Dong Nai Tax Department

In the morning of 31st May, 2013, Dong Nai Tax Department organized a conference to honor businesses or individuals which have good statement of their tax obligations in 2012.

This is an annual activity of Dong Nai Tax Department to honor businesses and individuals in the province to fulfill their tax obligations for the year, creating understanding, connecting Tax Department with tax submitter and raising the awareness, the tax liability of individuals and businesses.

On this occasion, along with 118 leading enterprises in Dong Nai, INTERFOOD Share Holding Company was honored by Dong Nai Tax Department and received tax certificates of achievement better observance of tax obligations in 2012.

This is the result of the collective efforts of all leaders and employees in implementing timely declaration, a full range of tax due and timely payment of all taxes incurred on the State budget in the spirit of self-declaration and self-payment and is solely responsible for the tax liability of the business.

This result shows that INTERFOOD Share Holdings Company is implementing the right strategy for sustainable development, corporate responsibility performance and society, creating a solid belief for the clients, partners and investors.


Image_13_01.png  Image_13_02.png
Mr. Sasaki (left hand side) -  INTERFOOD Share Holdings Company’s Financial Controller – received certificate from Dong Nai tax department.

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