After more than 2 months of excitement, the contest "Students of City with Law" Y2019 - Y2020 held by HCM Department of Education and Training with KIRIN Group, has officially closed through the Final round and awarding ceremony was held on November 14th 2019.

With the theme "Voice of Youth" which was attracted the attention of many students, combined with the use of information technology right from the First round, easily accessible to more participants, this year’s contest has reached 355,805 registration participation, more than double the contest last year. In particular, Dong Thanh Secondary School - Hoc Mon District and Hung Vuong High School were schools with the highest number of students enrolled in Tables A and B, praised by the Organizing Committee for the number of candidates registration to be 3,280 and 5,160 students respectively.

The “Students of City with LawY2019-Y2020 has attracted 355.805 registration participation

Coming to this year's Final round, teams in both Table A and Table B must participate in the stage performance competition, particularly in Table B, the candidates also participate in the part of the response. This is an opportunity for all candidates to apply the knowledge accumulated before, during and after the competition, together with creative ability to convey the full story of the law, to make the most of their skills of teamwork to score points absolutely and rewards for team.

In Table A, with an impressive stage performance, handling proper situations, social issues through the law under a new perspective of young people, the candidates of Nguyen An Khuong Secondary School - Hoc Mon District excellently passed Hoa Lu Secondary School (Second Prize), Nguyen Binh Khiem Secondary School, Phu Dinh Secondary School, and Chu Van An Secondary School (Third Prize) to win the First Prize in Table A in the Final round.

Nguyen An Khuong Secondary School excellently win the First Prize of Table.

The competition of Table B is equally attractive with elaborate performances from script to post. The most outstanding is the Thu Duc Technology College, with an impressive stage performance and a completely convincing response, showing the thoughts and foresight of young people. The students won the First Prize in Table B convincingly. Next is Tran Dai Nghia High School (Second Prize), Van Lang High School, Nguyen Cong Tru High School and Nguyen Thuong Hien High School (Third Prize).

Thu Duc Technology College excellently win the First Prize in Table B

In addition to the Final Prizes, the organizers also selected two additional awards for Huynh Van Nghe Secondary School and Tran Huy Lieu Secondary School for having the most impressive environmental propaganda content. This reminds students, they need to respect and protect nature more, because this is the "Green House" of everyone.

Sharing at the Final and Awards Ceremony, Mr. Yukata Ogami - General Director of INTERFOOD Company - Representative of KIRIN Vietnam also said: “KIRIN is very honored to be an exclusive sponsor and a companion of candidates throughout the contest, adding more dynamic strength and health with the healthy drinks from KIRIN brand, for you to successfully complete the exams. With the development message of the company, KIRIN hopes to accompany students in more competitions to help you become more aware of social issues, thereby gaining knowledge. develop a healthy and happy life.”

Mr. Yukata Ogami – General Director of INTERFOOD CompanyRepresentative of KIRIN Viet Nam

Therefore, the contest "Students of City with Law" Y2019 - Y2020 with the theme "Voice of Youth" sponsored by KIRIN Group has officially ended with many positive results. Through accompanying whole the program from the beginning, KIRIN Group aims to provide students with a great experience and an active lifestyle, express your thoughts and desires about the around world, to create a healthy and happy society.

KIRIN Group operates based on the criteria of focusing on people, creating happiness for health. One of the criteria and vision of KIRIN Group in Vietnam is to bring joy, health, comfort and happiness to consumers.

In addition to bringing quality products to Vietnamese people, KIRIN Group also carries out social and community responsibilities in many activities. One of the activities that KIRIN Group is interested in supporting is disseminating legal education to students. KIRIN Group is the exclusive sponsor for 3 consecutive years for the "Students of City with Law" contest in the academic year 2019 - 2020 to contribute to propaganda, educate and raise the legal awareness for thousands of city students.