Lactococcus Lactis Plasma

Lactococcus Lactis Plasma in Kirin iMUSE – Enhance immune system

Kirin group is always aiming at the image of an attractive company and brings value to consumers by providing the products that bring health, happiness, and comfort based on customer needs.

Especially focus on the field of health and well-being, Kirin provides the products that ensure Food safety and Hygiene with Japanese technology and develops the products that enhance customers' health by specializing in researching and developing the product.

With the beverage products, Kirin aspires to contribute to the health and well-being of consumers and help to solve the health problems for Vietnamese society. Kirin iMuse further confirms Kirin's commitment to the Vietnamese market due to the amazing uses of this drink brings.

With more than 100 years of history, Kirin Group has developed Lactococcus lactis Plasma - a unique bacterium with the ability to activate a comprehensive immune system in the body.

The experts say that most of the problems in the human body come from the immune system. From the skin, eyes, muscles to bone density, the likelihood of infection,... that depends on the quality of the immune system against pathogens. Therefore, the best way to maintain good health is controlling immunity in the body.

Mr. Osamu Kanauchi, Senior Manager – Innovation Division shared the pride when Kirin was the research unit for Lactococcus Lactis Plasma. Mr. Osamu Kanauchi announced the main uses and good benefits of this bacteria for the immune system, including helping to reduce the incidence of cold / flu symptoms; helping to improve the physical condition and anti-aging. The conclusion is based on proven clinical studies, conducted carefully, meticulously, and professionally in Japan.

Notably, clinical trials against the symptoms of colds and flu with the effect of Lactococcus Lactis Plasma which is effective for both adults and children in Japan. Symptoms such as coughs, fevers of colds, and flu also subsided. This is a praiseworthy sign and highly appreciated in international scientific articles with more than 24 scientific articles, including 9 articles on clinical trials in humans. At the same time, Kirin product was launched in Japan which is also 96% of 256 doctors rated as reliable.

When launching Kirin iMuse contains Lactococcus Lactis Plasma in the Vietnamese consumer market, Mr. Takeshi Fukushima – General Manager of Sales and Marketing of Kirin Group expects: "We could provide L. Lactis Plasma for the body with yogurt and lemon-flavored drink every day. This is a new, easy, and convenient way to protect your health and body."

Kirin iMuse - yogurt and lemon-flavored drink contains L. Lactis Plasma was launched in Vietnam with the message: "Enhances the anti-viral immune system, Activate potential inside me" to each person consciously protect health right from the daily eating habits. This promises to be a drink that changes the standards of health and benefits of Vietnamese people in the future.

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