UNU-KIRIN Fellowship Program

A fellowship program jointly organized by KIRIN Holdings and the United Nations University in 1999 to enhance the capacity of food research institutions throughout Asia

UNU-KIRIN Fellowship Award Ceremony

On 17 April 2013, the United Nations University (UNU) together with KIRIN Company (KIRIN) held an award ceremony to honor the 2012-2013 UNU-KIRIN Fellows who completed their studies at the National Food Research Institute (NFRI) in Tsukuba (Ibaraki, Japan) under the UNU-KIRIN Fellowship program.

The UNU-KIRIN Fellows presented the results of their one-year research training at the NFRI and were awarded UNU-KIRIN Fellowship certificates at a ceremony held at the UNU Headquarters in Tokyo.

The UNU and KIRIN also renewed the Fellowship for 2013-2014, the 21st year of the program, and five young food scientists from India, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Vietnam were granted the 2013-2014 UNU-KIRIN Fellowship. The Vietnamese winner is Dr. Le Thi Thu Hong, researcher of the Institute of Biotechnology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

UNU-KIRIN Fellowship Program


The UNU-KIRIN Fellowship Program was established in 1993, funded by annual contributions from Japan’s KIRIN Group, to enhance the capacity of food research institutions throughout Asia.

The program is designed to support fellows (aged from 30 to 45) from the Asian countries to conduct their research that would solve the food-related issues in their countries.

Each year, up to five top scientists from developing countries in Asia come to Japan for a full year of research and training in advanced food science and technology at the National Food Research Institute (NFRI) in Tsukuba.

Being a corporate group that conveys joy of food and health, we support solutions to food-related issues in developing countries. Since 1993, KIRIN has been instituting programs that support food science and technology research development, to empower developing countries to solve their food-related issues. To date, KIRIN has supported 103 researchers from 9 countries in Asia (15 researchers from Vietnam).

KIRIN Group fully supports the program by covering the costs of five fellowships for one year research in Japan and also providing financial support to the home institutions of the UNU-KIRIN Fellows, thereby enabling them to continue their research and share their knowledge with their colleagues. The fellows are expected to apply their findings, knowledge and technical skills earned in Japan to their local societies to promote scientific and technological advancement.

The UNU-KIRIN research fellows are offered not only financial support but also various opportunities, such as tours of factories, research institutes and other facilities, and chances to communicate with KIRIN researchers. These fieldtrips enable them to learn about the Japanese culture and develop contacts with other researchers in the same fields.

As embodied in our slogan “Good taste makes you smile”, we are working to contribute to the sustainable development of the society by nurturing close ties within communities and bringing you the joy of food and health through our products and services.

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